Web & Mobile Testing Webinar

Tutorial: Appium Testing Made Easy

Use free Appium Studio to easily develop stable Appium tests - including out of app - and run them on numerous devices in parallel.

Appium is rapidly becoming the go-to framework for mobile test automation due to its open-source nature and support for native, hybrid and mobile web apps. However, it has its limitations such as complex installation, lack of a user interface, inability to test outside the app and lagging support for iOS versions. Watch this recording to learn how you can use Appium Studio - a free enhanced version of Appium - to overcome these limitations.

By the end of the session you will know how to:

  • Set up your Appium testing environment with a single click
  • Use a windows machine to write and run iOS tests
  • Easily write Appium tests for iOS and Android using the device reflection and object spy
  • Write Appium tests covering complex use cases such as fingerprint authentication, audio features, and barcode scanning
  • Test outside of your application (e.g. Settings, SMS) also on iOS devices
  • Test your applications in parallel on both local and remote devices
  • Analyse test results with automatically generated reports


Tom Ben Simhon, Product Management, Experitest

Ruth Zamir, Director of Marketing, Experitest


Download the automation project on GitHub


Download Appium Studio here


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