Web & Mobile Testing Webinar

Minimizing the Risks of Open-Source in Mobile Testing


Using Appium for mobile test automation has great advantages; but beware, when it comes to enterprises, Appium disadvantages can set a major roadblock.
Watch Experitest's webinar on How to Minimize Risks of Open-Source in Mobile Testing for Enterprises.
Experitest's CTO offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to enhance Appium capabilities for large scale enterprise deployments including:

• Scaling local automation to an enterprise-wide environment
• Gaining full automation and device simulation capabilities
• Adding remote capabilities critical for offshore teams
• Complementing the automation capabilities with manual testing
• Setting up your environment quickly and easily
• Leveraging a recorder for quick script creation
• Getting a full and customized report
• Using enhanced performance capabilities


Guy Arieli , Experitest , CTO

Tal Barmeir , Experitest , CEO

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