Features of SeeTestManual – Manual testing tool for iOS, Android, WindowsPhone and Blackberry


  • Windows
  • Mac


Supported Mobile Operating Systems


All physical devices and emulators with the following OS are supported:

  • Android 2.1 – Android M (6) (including)
  • iOS 7 to 9 (including)
  • WindowsPhone 8.1

Support for responsive website and UI testing


Real Device Visualization
  • Perform the test on the device visualization on the PC using mouse & keyboard
  • Mouse support:
    • All gestures (Click, Long click, Swipe, Drag & Drop, etc.)
  • Keyboard support:
    • All configurations (alphabet, punctuation and numbers & punctuation and symbols)
    • All languages
    • special characters and capitalization
Reporting Capabilities
  • Each step is recorded and includes:
    • Step description
    • Screenshot of the device
  • Manually add steps/comments to the report
  • Manually edit steps in the report
  • Manually remove steps from the report
  • Export report to HTML (can be sent to R&D)
Gesture Support
  • Swipe
  • Drag & Drop
  • Long click
  • Zoom
  • Shake
  • Pinch
(Optional) Remote testing of devices
  • Connect devices remotely (test devices that are located in a different geographic location)
  • On-site (on customer premises) hosting
    • Using your organization’s VPN – ensuring security and reliability
    • Using your organization’s devices
  • Including full device inventory management, scheduling and enforcement
Test Coverage – functionality support
  • Inside application testing
  • Outside application testing (phone settings, battery)
  • Browser testing
  • Reboot device
  • Awaken device from sleep mode
  • Operate device power button
  • Install/Uninstall application
  • Clear Application Data
  • Operate device Back, Call/Hang Call, Home, Menu buttons
  • Close keyboard
  • Landscape mode
  • Display configuration
  • Remote ADB Debugging
  • Get the device log
Test Coverage – Non-functional support
  • CPU / MEMORY / Network monitors
  • Remote debugging capabilities for dev teams
Continuous Integration and Testing Environment Support
  • Full integration with HP Quality Center and Attlassian Jira
  • Android Appium support
  • Reporting and issue creation