Features of SeeTestAutomation – Test automation tool for iOS, Android, Blackberry and WindowsPhone
  • Windows
  • Mac
Supported Mobile OS

 All physical devices and emulators with the following OS are supported:

  • Android 2.1 – Android N (7) (including)
  • iOS 7 to 10 (including)
  • Blackberry 7 (including)
  • WindowsPhone 8.1
  • Support for responsive website and UI testing
Test Coverage
  • Object identification methods: Native properties, Web properties, Image Recognition and Text Recognition
  • Inside application testing
  • Outside application testing (Home screen, phone settings, battery)
  • Browsers testing – Chrome and Safari fully supported
  • Reboot device
  • Awaken device from sleep mode
  • Operate device power button
  • Operate device Back, Call/Hang Call, Home, Menu buttons
  • Shell commands for internal device counters (e.g. CPU, memory)
  • Simulate device camera
  • Audio recording and playback commands
  • Application’s custom API interaction
  • Easy Layout Testing Feature
  • Device log pulling
  • Parallel tests full support
  • Monitoring Capabilities – CPU, Memory and Battery
  • Application Management – Install, Uninstall, Clear Data, Launch and close
  • Automatic Report Generation – HTML, PDF, XML
  • Portrait and Landscape modes
Native Object Identification
  • Object identification by: id, class, text, accessibilityLabel, accessiblityIdentifier
  • Recorder – Dynamic and image recording
  • Object spy for easy identification of object native properties
  • Object location verification
  • Single or multiple repositories for different devices
  • Automatic Application Learning
  • Easy instrumentation with no code change
  • XPath Language full support
Web & Hybrid Object Identification
  • Object identification by: id, name, class, text, css
  • Javascript execution.
  • Support for native browser – Chrome and Safari are fully supported
  • Operations like click, send text, select, touch and others.
  • jQuery support.
  • Object Spy for easy identification of object web-DOM / hybrid properties
  • XPath Language full  support
  • Support for CSS Selector
Text Object Identification
  • OCR engine with support for all languages (inc. Far Eastern languages) and special characters
  • Text input:
    • one-click text insertion into text boxes, log-in prompts etc.
    • All text input methods supported: virtual keyboard, PC keyboard, direct text
  • Text extraction: extract any text from table, area etc. and run queries on it
Image/Icon Object Identification
  • Standard icons/images (e.g. buttons)
  • Proprietary icons/images
  • Auto-sense capabilities for one-click image extraction
  • Sensitivity calibration to changes in image (e.g. size, color, background, transparency)
  • Image identification on changing backgrounds (e.g. transparent, gradient, moving elements)
Gesture Support
  • Multitouch
  • Swipe
  • Flick
  • Drag & Drop
  • Zoom in and out
  • Scroll including conditional scrolling
  • Shake
  • Pinch
  • Double tap home (iOS)
  • Force touch (iOS)
Keyboard Support
  • Device keyboard:
    • All configurations (alphabet, punctuation and numbers & punctuation and symbols)
    • All languages
  • PC keyboard inc. special characters and captialization
Scripting Capabilities
  • Recorder
  • Script debugger
  • StartTransaction and EndTransaction commands
  • Script Multiplier: Script once and run on multiple devices
    • run the same script on different devices on the same OS
    • run the same script on different OS
  • Simultaneous script creation on multiple devices
  • Parallel script execution on different devices
  • Speed accelerator for script execution on large screens (tablets)
Device Connectivity Manager
  • Connectivity Management:
    • One click device add/remove
    • Multiple device connectivity
  • Connectivity Stability:
    • Wired USB cable for ALL OS (iOS, Android, BB,WM and Symbian)
    • Wireless connectivity to iOS
    • Automatic connectivity recovery
to existing testing frameworks
  • Plug-in to HP testing & monitoring tools: UFT (QTP), QC, LoadRunner, Sprinter, BSM, BAC, P&G
    • Full functionality supported: Scripting, editing and reporting (inc. screenshots) capabilities directly from within HP’s tools
    • All HP versions supported inc. UFT V 12 (and all older QTP versions starting from QTP v 9.X )
  • Plug-in to WebDriver (Selenium)
  • Plug-in to Java including  JUnit3, JUnit4, TestNG
  • Plug-in to Microsoft Visual Studio Testing & Monitoring tools inc. C# MSTest, C# NUnit
  • Plug-in to Python 2.7 and 3.0
  • IBM Rational
  • Plug-in to TestComplete
  • Plug-in to Perl
Continuous Integration support
  • Full and seamless integration with Continuous Integration (CI) environments, etc.
  • Examples of supported CI environments: Hudson, Jenkins, TeamCity, as well as Quality Center, TFS, JUnit, NUnit, PyUnit, TestNG, Ant
  • Create Jira issues
  • Report unto QC
Cloud-based solution
  • Onsite (on customer premises) hosting
  • Including full device, project,user and application managment, scheduling and enforcement
  • For more information click here