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Is Your Mobile Testing Process Ready for Cyber Monday?

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Is Your Mobile Testing Process Ready for Cyber Monday?

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Dana Natan


Head of Marketing


This Cyber Monday $750,000 will be spent on mobile purchases every minute. Is your company satisfied with its mobile testing plans? Even a minor glitch can cost you millions.

On December 1 the internet will be buzzing with commerce. The New York Times reports: “Millions of otherwise productive working Americans, fresh off a Thanksgiving weekend of window shopping, are returning to high-speed Internet connections at work Monday and buying what they liked.”

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Just how big is this day? It comes right after Black Friday. For the first 11 months of the year most American retailers operate at a loss, or in the red. Sales are so robust the Friday after thanksgiving companies begin to turn a profit, or move in the black, just on the volume of that day alone.

Cyber Monday is the online version. Last year sales were higher for online operations than they were on black Friday. Over the last decade online sales for Cyber Monday have increased 23% annually.

The story for mobile is eye-popping.

Sales from mobile devices grew by 55% last year, capturing almost 20% of all online sales for the day. This year, releases of newer phones from Apple and Samsung, coupled with enhanced operating systems by iOS and Android will make mobile shopping easier and more enjoyable than ever.

The opportunities have never been greater for companies that offer products on their mobile applications. The stakes have never been higher for those teams developing and testing them.

For mobile testing and development teams, cyber Monday is their Super Bowl Sunday. Nobody can afford to lose. Of the $2 billion projected to be spent online, one in every four purchases will come from a mobile app. If the application takes too much time to load, or a bug in the application is detected by the user and not the tester, the financial impact can be devastating. 40% of app users will delete the app after an unpleasant experience.

Talk about pressure. This year may see even more mobile commerce from another place:

Over 95% of companies either employ or support BYOD, or employees bringing their own devices to work. This Cyber Monday will see more employees use their personal devices in the office, making their holiday purchases even easier to make online. They may even defer buying decisions on Friday, figuring they can find a good deal online, or simply hide what they are planning to buy from their loved ones so it can be a surprise. BYOD may serve to increase mobile’s share of Cyber Monday’s online business activity.

For companies with retail and enterprise applications the stakes become enormous. If Cyber Monday is a mainly “buying from work” phenomenon, then peak buying will occur at the beginning of the work day, level off, and peak again the end. Workers will either be shopping on “their time,” right before their working day begins, or even a little bit after they clock in. People may also choose to start buying at the end of the day while they are at the office, but after their shift is complete, or 20 minutes before the day is out. That leaves 6 hours of peak activity where mobile sales could easily top $1 million a minute. A split second of downtime can cost you dearly.


Mobile Testing for Cyber Monday

How thorough is your mobile testing process?

Experitest offers a suite of mobile testing tools to make sure your mobile application is tested quickly and tested often. Their SeeTest Tool allows you to automate redundant parts of the testing process, saving you precious time. You can test locally by plugging in your devices to a desktop, or use SeeTest Cloud to attach devices to any server in your company’s firewall, and assign testers in any local office to access them remotely. Use SeeTest to test on all devices, browsers, and operating systems at once. Receive updates to constantly test for new versions of the platforms your applications are running on. Along with selling the best product on the market, Experitest offers competitive prices, giving you the highest return on one of the most vital investments: Success in your mobile development strategy.

This December 1 you can generate fantastic returns on a single year’s investment in SeeTest in a matter of minutes.


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