October 30, 2013 Experitest

Is your Enterprise Mobile Application Ready for holiday shopping?

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Make sure that your enterprise mobile application is truly ready for the holidays. There is nothing worse than an enterprise’s application failing them on the most critical days of the year. Start working now and be sure that your enterprise won’t be in the embarrassing position of offering items for incorrect prices (hello American Airlines). you also don’t want to chase away customers completely by them not being able to access the application.

The temperature is dropping, and as a result, the days are getting shorter. Festive lights are already sparkling in the shopping centers and malls. The winter holiday season is clearly on the way and to get an idea of what stores are getting ready to consider the following- the National Retail Federation reports that for some retailers the holiday season can make up as much as 40% of annual sales while Adobe Systems predicts that Cyber Monday 2013 spending will top an incredible $2.27 billion- the highest US online shopping day ever. Much of that shopping will be done via an enterprise mobile application.

In the beginning of September 2013, the software analytics company, New Relic, posted information regarding, “the background workings of a mobile app,”. Astonishingly, they announced that the average response time for a mobile application is a lazy 3.28 seconds. This is 2.28 seconds more than the optimum timeframe of roughly 1 second. Furthermore, there is a 1.86% average network request failure rate per minute per app and a 1.7% average server error rate per minute per app.

We believe that the following points provide some useful direction for enterprises wishing to ensure that their enterprise mobile application will serve them as needed during the winter holiday season.

Load Testing

Load testing should be carried out on your mobile application before peak time so as to ensure that your enterprise mobile application can deal with the heavy traffic that is an inevitable part of the festive season. Surely, you don’t want your enterprise to be 2013’s ClickFrenzy?


Transaction Process Testing

All sub-operations making up the transaction process on your enterprise mobile application should be running smoothly. Atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (the ACID test) should all be taken seriously into account and thoroughly tested.

Device Matrix

Ensure that each and every version of devices that support your application is tested with a device matrix. Your enterprise application’s stability is of paramount importance. Be sure that your mobile application is stable make sure that you have device matrixes for different geographical locations.

Stephen Phillips, a market research expert, explains that “Businesses need to spend more time…looking at what their competitors are up to…” We suggest quantifying what is going on with your mobile application relative to your direct competitors.


Timing is an important consideration for enterprises wishing to release the festive version of their enterprise mobile application. On the one hand, there is the incomparable effect of the surprise mode. Try a soft launch so you don’t find yourself in a system dysfunction overload. Before you commit to a release schedule, make sure that your mobile application is more than ready for moments of high traffic.


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 Navot Dako

Mobile Testing Evangelist

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