December 23, 2014 Experitest

The Bug That Bit the Apple

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A bug in Apple's Mobile Testing killed coverage for its new iPhone for 40,000 people.

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Erez Ronen


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Not testing for bugs thoroughly disabled phone service for over 40,000 new iPhone users and destroyed Apple’s head start over Google in the latest round of OS upgrades. Apple is a company worth more than 90% of the national economies on earth. Can you imagine the magnitude of not fixing a bug in its flagship product? Apple serves as a prime example of the need for a serious mobile testing strategy.

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It is the objective of every developer, tester, and Devops team to make sure that what happened to Apple won’t happen to your company. Mobile testing must be done right or the consequences can be devastating.

In anticipation of its iOS8 release, Apple’s ambitions far exceeded anything in its company’s history. iOS8 includes 4,000 APIs, double that of its last version. It uses 5 gigabytes of memory to support features in photo editing, health monitoring, and password protection. It even includes an entirely new programming language. Apple called the release of iOS8 the greatest game changer in mobile since the AppStore. They were so confident they released their new iPhone 6 just 48 hours after the unveiling of the iOS8.

Within days over 10 million copies of the new phone were sold.

Then the bottom fell out.

Undetected bugs were missed by their mobile testing team. They were first discovered by their users forcing Apple to hastily release an iOS 8.0.1 update to patch things up. Apple’s failure to test, debug, and fix the problems before release led to over 40,000 people losing all coverage on their new iPhone 6 smartphones. Some were disconnected for days. The crash rate for iOS8 was almost double that of the iOS7.

It was a nightmare.

The cure turned out to be worse than the disease. The update itself had bugs of its own, creating more problems than it solved. Within an hour of its release, Apple pulled access to its iOS8.0.1 update. They eventually released iOS8.0.2 a day later, and it did fixed many of the problems. But these were problems that should have been taken care of during the mobile testing stage.

Now experts are wary. They have warned large enterprises to hold off installing iOS8 for another month so Apple can fix the bugs they didn’t find. Apple lost credibility overnight. Once the all-clear is given for iOS8 by industry experts Google will have unveiled its latest mobile operating system, the Android l. Apple lost any advantage it had by bringing its product to market first. Google has a chance to take market share away from the world leader by simply doing a better job of mobile testing.


Don’t let what happened to Apple happen to you.

Mobile Apps are guiding customer choices more than ever. An application’s ability to provide convenience is rapidly becoming the primary reason customers are making buying decisions. Someone will change banks because he can do more on his phone, rather than waiting at an ATM machine. He will change his dentist because he can set an appointment with his fingers in moments. He will pick a new retailer who gets him the best deals at the touch of a button. A bug in your application can turn a customer’s purchasing decision into a nightmare almost instantly. Just ask the good folks at Apple.

How thorough is your mobile testing process?

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