November 26, 2015 Experitest

Syntel & Experitest to host Webinar on Mobile Testing and Agile

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Dana Natan


Head of Marketing


On December 9 Syntel and Experitest will co-host a webinar by demonstrating how the right methodology and the right mobile testing suite of tools meets the Agility needs of today.


More and more software development teams are switching to agile methodology for mobile application development and quality assurance, enabling the development teams to release newer versions of its application faster than ever. Customers demand speed, and speed demands efficiency – testing faster without sacrificing quality and cost.

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  • What’s the Best Practice for Mobile Continuous integration to reduce test cycle time?
  • How do you increase ROI by creating a singular unified environment for both mobile testers and developers?
  • How does better device Governance lead to a better test operational management?
  • How can you ensure user experience with productive and fast performance testing?


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