November 18, 2014 Experitest, German Leader in Applications Testing, and Experitest Partner to Offer Mobile Testing Solutions Worldwide

Share this knowledge! AG, the leading German Software Testing Company, and Experitest, the world’s leading provider of manual testing, monitoring, performance, and automation tools for mobile entered into a partnership that allows to offer Experitest’s end-to-end mobile application testing tools to large businesses.

According to the agreement will offer Experitest’s testing suite, and implement and resell licenses that ensure optimal integration and the quick improvement of mobile testing operations within each organization’s existing ALM environment.

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According to Heiko Worm, CEO at, the company chose Experitest for its flexibility across multiple testing platforms.

“We want to promote a mobile application testing tool that enables our clients to test faster without sacrificing the diligence that testing requires.” Said Mr. Worm. “SeeTest of Experitest tests on all ALM environments, creating scripts immediately. They enable quality assurance teams to test for any device using iOS, Android, or any other mobile platform. The SeeTestAutomation tool is an end-to-end solution, supporting our clients need for the continuous release of their mobile applications. It’s a perfect fit.”

Experitest CEO Tal Barmeir agreed, “We are thrilled to be partnering with a major player in the European market. Our mobile application testing tool gives testers the opportunity to cover a greater scale of coverage without sacrificing time.” Said Barmeir. “Our SeeTestCloud enables a QA team to test a mobile application at any local network on earth. Our compatibility with Continuous Integrators like Jenkins creates a continuous testing strategy. We are thrilled to work with a successful German company like to provide these solutions to mobile testing teams worldwide.” develops quality management and testing solutions for the benefit of their customers, employees and shareholders. Founded in 2000 with headquarters in Dresden, they specialize in Quality Management, Expert Services and Software. Clients include Deutsche Post, Daimler, Haufe Lexware, Hewlett Packard, and SQS. Since 2007 has been an HP Software Business Partner. It received HPs “BTO Partner of the Year” award in 2009.

Experitest is the provider of SeeTest tools for mobile test automation, manual testing, monitoring and performance, supporting all mobile OS: iOS, Android, WindowsPhone8 and BlackBerry.  Its tools provide an end-to-end solution and integrate into all ALM environments on the market including HPs UFT/QC, Microsoft’s Visual Studio/TFS, IBM’s Rational, and all open source environments (C#, Junit, Perl, Python, Ruby & Selenium).

Experitest’s customer base of over 300 Fortune 500 companies includes 7 of the 10 largest banks worldwide, 3 of 5 top global healthcare companies and 8 of 10 top telecommunication companies in the world. Examples include Barclays, Westpac, Verizon, China Mobile, Orange, Amtrak, Sony, Marvell, Medtronic, Kno, TCS, IBM, Canon, Sky, Microsoft, GlobalLogic, TNT, Hong Kong International Airport and many more.

Experitest is an HP Gold Partner (and its tools are HP certified applications) and a Microsoft VSIP partner (and its tools are Microsoft certified).

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