May 2, 2016 Experitest

New Webinar: Securing Your Mobile DevOps

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Dana Natan


Head of Marketing


On April 26, Experitest and HCL conducted a joint webinar on mobile testing. Today we made available the recorded version.

On the one hand, the ability to quickly release tested, well-rounded mobile applications to the market requires an efficient DevOps process and easy, quick access to physical mobile devices for development and testing. On the other hand, the availability of physical mobile devices in development and mobile testing teams of highly-secured enterprises such as banks, healthcare companies, defense organizations and other verticals poses various security issues that need to be carefully managed.


The webinar will focus on possible solutions for managing security aspects of mobile DevOps including a case study for a financial organization and a medical devices company.


Guy Arieli from Experitest joins Jawahar Venkataraman and Harini Shankotai from HCL in discussing the conflict between the development groups and the security issues they encounter while upgrading to DevOps.


Different tools and environments create security risks, while using the right set of solutions will prevent these problems from happening.


The webinar features questions and answers from leaders in the industry. There is also a demo of SeeTestCloud, one of the top solutions for navigating the development/security tightrope.


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