March 8, 2013 Experitest

FREE (forever) —- SeeTestManual with REPORTING — for iOS & Android devices

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Experitest – the leading provider of tools for mobile test automation, manual testing and monitoring – has released today for free SeeTestManual for iOS and Android including full REPORTING.

SeeTestManual enables:
– Easy testing of any iOS or Android device connected via USB to the tester’s computer
– Full control of the device under test using the convenience of the PC mouse and Keyboard
– Full support for multi touch, swipe, zoom-in. zoom-out, text entry etc
– Automatic report creation, documenting every action the tester did including a screenshot of the device in real time

SeeTestManual is free. forever (we will never charge anything for it).
SeeTestManual supports all iOS devices (inc the latest iOS 6, mini-iPad, iPad4 etc) as well as all Android devices (inc all tablets)..

Watch a video:
Download your free (forever) copy:
Online help:

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