September 13, 2018 Experitest

Experitest and the iOS12 Full Release Candidate

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Experitest has supported the beta versions of iOS 12 since days after the announcements.

The full release candidate will be released on September 17th and fully supported by the SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform for Web & Mobile Apps.


There were many highlights during the Apple September event but what is really exciting about the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX, was relatively hidden in Apple presentation.


The 5 Trillion operations per second on a mobile device is the real breakthrough.


It puts the iPhone’s ability to be ‘smart’ on a level that in the past was only possible with a grid of machines in the cloud.


It puts the iPhone on the same level of AI as dedicated processing units like ‘Movidius™ Myriad™ X vision processing unit’ by Intel.


Why is that important?


It is changing the balance between what can be done on the cloud versus what can be done locally on a device. If up to now most of the AI work was done on the cloud, these newly released devices will enable new types of applications that were impossible in the past.


We are to see tremendous creativity around these new capabilities, but for now here are some examples that we have been thinking of:


  • An application that enables you to find your kids in a large crowd of people.
  • Identify colleges in a conference using the video stream.
  • Driving car crash warning application (like Mobileye just without dedicated hardware).
  • Sound detection burglar alarm, using the audio feed to identify burglars.


Feel Free to share your thoughts with us on any AI-based applications that you think will be possible using the new iPhone XD AI capabilities.

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