April 20, 2016 Experitest

Experitest Crushes One of the Biggest Challenges in Mobile Testing

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Dana Natan


Head of Marketing


One of the most devastating blows to any DevOps process is when a developer cannot reproduce a test case. A bug is reported to the company. The company relays the issue to the QA team. The QA team identifies the bug, and creates a report for the development team. In an ideal world the development team will be able to recreate the situation that led to the bug, and then fix it.


That’s where things get murky. In some cases the mobile device and operating system it is running the application on isn’t available to the developer. In other cases, the developer simply cannot reproduce the exact case, or detect the bug. This results in a “Cannot Reproduce” claim by the developer as he closes the issue. The bug still remains.


Experitest has come up with a solution. Utilizing an onsite mobile lab, a testing team can recreate a test case, and send the issue itself to the developer. The developer, accessing the same mobile lab with the same devices, operating systems, and versions, can see the issue the tester recreated, without having to recreate it himself.


In doing so the developer doesn’t have to waste time trying to find the exact devices, or in recreating the test case. He simply clicks a link and is directed to the bug he has to fix. This saves any business time and money while eliminating a lot of bugs which can impact the sales or cost savings the app was designed to generate, not to mention the reputation of the company itself.



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