March 4, 2016 Experitest

End to End DevOps Gets the Final Link

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Dana Natan


Head of Marketing


The dream of every DevOps leader is to automate as much of the process as possible. From the moment the developer sends his build onto QA, a series of automated steps takes over until that build is either returned with exactly what it needed to make the app great, or sent directly to the App Store as the most cutting edge version of the company’s mobile app.


The chink in the armor is mobile testing. Mobile application testing can be the most arduous part of the process, especially regression testing every function to make sure the new code didn’t disrupt what has been working ever since. The challenge is to enable the best test automation testing tools to integrate with continuous integration platforms like Jenkins, ALM, or JIRA to speed up the process.


Experitest’s SeeTestAutomation does exactly that. It integrates seamlessly into the major CI platforms, bringing you one step closer to end to end test automation. Using SeeTest, a tester can recreate the conditions that led to a bug and send it off to the developer, along with the test case itself. From there the developer can resolve the issue, and send it along the DevOps process. SeeTest will receive the new build, test it, and enable the QA team to determine if it needs further troubleshooting or if it is ready to be sent off to production and release to the App Store.



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