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Look for Experitest at Devopsdays Atlanta 2018

Look for Experitest at Devopsdays Atlanta 2018


April 17-18 2018


Keep a lookout for Experitest. We will be attending the Devopsdays Atlanta conference.


Held this year at the Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, the 2018 conference is focused on the important topic of Inclusive Collaboration.


Look for Experitest at Devopsdays Atlanta 2018


Based on the work of Dr. Sal Freudenberg, and Katherine Kirk, two experts in the field of Agile and Lean development methodologies. Their experience in collaborative software development, combined with Eastern and Tribal philosophies is revolutionizing the way companies develop software. They are both also raising awareness about the benefits of expanding workplace diversity, and inclusiveness to help the industry understand how to support and nurture every type of employee.


The agenda includes Dr. Freudenberg’s opening remarks about Inclusive Collaboration. The rest of the talks over the two-day conference follow the theme of neurodiversity, and workplace collaboration with talks from Seth Vargo, Kim Crayton, Alex Harms and Nathen Harvey.


It is going to be a great event and we hope to see you there.


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Look for Experitest at Devopsdays Atlanta 2018

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