November 16, 2013 Experitest

Breakthrough tool for Manual testing of mobile devices – Manually test 1 mobile device get results for 8 devices – the Multiplier add-on for SeeTestManual

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The free SeeTestManual tool has now a (paid) Multiplier add-on that enables to replicate the actions a manual tester performs on one device to another 8 devices.

In other words, a manual tester can manually test a mobile application on say a Samsung Galaxy S3 and get results immediately of that test also executed on Nexus 7, Samsung Ace, Xperia M, Asus Transformer, HTC desire and Samsung Galaxy S2.

The results are provided in a detailed report including screenshots of each of the 8 devices.

Highlights of the Multiplier add-on for SeeTestManual:
– Plugin all 8 devices you want to test to the tester’s standard PC/laptop
– Manually test on one of the devices
– The test will simultaneously be replicated on the other 8 devices
– A detailed report for each device showing what happened inc screenshots will be produced
– Supports any iOS and any Android device

Extend your device matrix coverage with no additional resources:
when you are asked to test an application on 8 devices – you only need to testit on one device.

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