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The Need for Speed Shouldn’t Bleed (App Developer Magazine)

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Tal Barmeir


CEO of Experitest


“Today’s mobile application needs to be developed in record time, yet testing an application for errors is still the slowest part of the mobile development process. Unless you have a top of the line testing tool you are forced to play Russian roulette. You either test less so you can release sooner, or you test thoroughly but lag the competition.” Tal Barmeir, CEO Experitest


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Mobile applications have rapidly become the new champions of corporate growth. When making buying decisions, customers are considering the quality of the seller’s mobile app as serious as the color of the product itself. Successful mobile campaigns are catapulting second tier companies to the top of their markets. Companies we never heard of before are becoming commonplace just from the quality their mobile application.


The competition for space on a smartphone is fierce.


According to Nielsen, there are over 1 million mobile applications available in the Google Play and iTunes App Store, but at any given moment the average user has only 26 applications downloaded to his phone. That leaves little room for a poorly working app. If an application has problems the user will discard it. Two thirds of applications have a one star rating due to poor quality.


New operating systems have come to market with the capacity to support thousands of new features. Any mobile developer can enhance the functionality of his app to provide more satisfaction to the user. Once one application in an industry adds something new, the others begin to pale in comparison. They become prime candidates for deletion. Mobile application developers are under extreme pressure to act fast. New versions of a mobile application have to be redeployed as soon as possible. Every moment wasted costs them real money.


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