June 8, 2018 Experitest

Hosted Private Digital Lab at global data centers for 2,500 USD per device

Experitest the leading provider of Quality assurance platform for digital apps with global data centers in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, and the Middle East, has announced an aggressive promotion of Hosted Private Digital Labs in its data centers at a price of 2500 USD per device per year.

A Hosted Private Digital Lab is dedicated to a certain customer and provides mobile devices and web browsers that are uniquely used by that same customer only. The Lab is hosted in the Experitest data centers and is managed by the Experitest Operations.

The Hosted Private Digital Labs offered by Experitest provides a turnkey solution for managing the devices and web browser configurations as well as an easy test creation environment that generated Appium and Selenium tests easily with a recorder and object spy and supports the latest versions such as iOS 12.

Join Experitest’s stronghold of 1000+ customers including Vodafone, CitiBank, Mercedes, Barclays and many more that enjoy continuous testing of their digital apps allowing competitive innovation and a short time to market.

For further details on this time-limited offering please contact sales@experitest.com

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