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Mobile Testing

Provide your mobile app users with exceptional digital experiences across any device, OS version, screen resolution and network condition. Accelerate mobile testing cycles and increase the quality of your releases by continuously testing your native, web and hybrid applications across 1000+ real iOS and Android devices in the cloud with automated or manual testing.

Mobile Test Development

Easily develop Appium tests that don’t break

Mobile Test
Execution & Analytics

Run your automated tests in parallel and analyze your results with ease

Mobile Manual Testing & Debugging

Interact with your app in real-time and debug it on the spot
Mobile Test Development
Easily create robust and maintainable Appium tests and projects that cover any type of application and use case
Create Appium tests with ease using a device reflection, test recorder, and object spy. Validate your test with visual feedback and a detailed test report.
Save time and integrations with our IDE plug-ins for testing mobile applications. Develop and run Appium mobile tests directly from Eclipse or IntelliJ using real physical iOS & Android devices.
Appium Studio for Eclipse
Automate everything to shorten your testing cycles. Easily develop automated tests for native, hybrid and web apps. Automate the most complex use cases such as barcode & check scanning, audio features, GPS simulation and TouchID.
Export your Appium tests to any Appium client (e.g. Java, C#, Ruby, Python) integrate with any IDE and testing framework.
Mobile Test Execution & Analytics
Accelerate mobile testing cycles and increase coverage by running your Appium tests in parallel on multiple mobile devices
Gain quick and easy access to a large selection of real iOS & Android devices in the cloud.
Easily run your Appium tests against real iOS, and Android devices in addition to simulators and emulators. Seamlessly integrate into any existing IDE and testing framework.
Shorten mobile testing cycles by running hundreds of tests in parallel using our scalable cloud-based Grid.
Detect and fix bugs quickly with detailed reports that include screenshots, videos and log files. Easily gain insights and drive improvements with a consolidated view of all your test results and automated root cause analysis.
Build and deploy higher quality mobile websites and apps faster by integrating mobile testing to your CI/CD tools and workflow.
Mobile Testing & Debugging
Real-time Interaction with your native, web or hybrid application on 1000+ mobile devices.
Instantly access a large selection of mobile devices, makes, models and OS versions.
Upload your native, web or hybrid mobile application and interact with it in real time. Make gestures, Swipe, simulate all manual gestures incl. multi-touch, swipe, flick, drag & drop.
Detect and fix bugs quickly with detailed reports that include screenshots, videos and log files.
Integrate into your mobile development environment with tools such as Android Studio and XCode to debug your mobile application (native/web) on real mobile devices and any mobile browser.
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