Mobile Test Automation Tool

Run the same test on different mobile devices and operating systems with a mobile test automation tool that allows test portability

  • Perform mobile test automation using real devices and emulators
  • Create a test on one device and run it on any other device model or operating system
  • Increase coverage with full peripheral testing capabilities - GPS, Touch ID, camera and audio
  • Start your mobile test automation quickly with a simple plug, record and play tool
  • Enhance your mobile test automation by Integrating into all your major ALM environments
  • Integrate with WebDriver (Selenium), HP UFT/QTP, JUnit, Microsoft Visual Studio and more
  • Integrate with any continuous integration environment - HP Quality Center (ALM), Jenkins and more

How does SeeTestAutomation

improve your mobile test automation?

Recorder for quick test creation

SeeTestAutomation uses a simple plug, record and play mechanism. It is easy to connect via USB, WiFi or an internal cloud. There is no need for code writing because all performed actions are recorded. All functions and gestures are supported.

Identify objects by Native properties

Accelerate your mobile test automation with SeeTestAutomation’s object identification for Native or Web properties. This leads to low maintenance of scripts as they are not sensitive to UI changes in the application. In addition, this same script can run on different devices and OS.

Leverage your existing ALM environment

Enhance your mobile test automation by integrating SeeTestAutomation with all the major testing and CI environments to allow extension of the code environment. This will maximize your existing ALM assets.