Grid Execution - Mobile

Execute test suites developed in Appium or any test automation environment on real mobile devices, simulators and emulators in parallel

    • Increase your coverage and run your test automation suites on multiple mobile devices, networks and Os in parallel
    • Execute your existing automation test suite developed in any language and open testing framework such as Appium, XCtest and Espresso
    • Seamlessly integrate with your CI environment for fully automated 24/7 continuous testing
    • Integrate with Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, HP Quality Center (ALM), Hudson and more
    • Advanced Grid capabilities enabling:
    • Dynamic test scheduling, execution, and distribution
    • Real time view of all executions
    • RESTful API to mass deploy application on targeted devices

Product Tour :

How does SeeTest Grid Execution

improve your mobile test automation?

Extend and Speed up Testing, to Drive High Quality Digital Experiences

Make continuous testing part of the CI pipeline with wide scale parallel execution on numerous mobile device types, mobile OS and OS versions simultaneously.

Leverage your existing Test Suites

Run your existing test automation suites developed in any programming language: Java, C#, JS, Ruby, and Python. Integrate to any testing framework such as Appium, Espresso, and XCtest.

Reduce the Cost of Operation

Increase your device utilization rate with a centralized, cloud-based execution Grid that dynamically and efficiently performs test prioritization, scheduling, execution, and distribution