Espresso and XCTest

Leverage open source tools Espresso and XCTest for large scale testing on multiple devices in parallel

  • Developers can execute unit testing and white box testing using Espresso and XCTests on multiple devices or simulators in parallel
  • Devices or simulators are either connected locally to the tester's machine or located in a remote mobile device lab
  • Developer can reuse tests developed by QA and run them on simulators/emulators incl. dev frameworks with hot reloading feature e.g. react native
  • Developers can quickly and easily identify bugs with detailed visual reports and shared live sessions on real mobile device or emulators between developers and QA teams

How do we help you leverage

Espresso and XCTest?

Large Scale Test Execution

Execute unit testing on a large number of mobile devices and simulators, shortening release times.

Collaborative Tools Between Developers and Testers

Easily troubleshoot bugs and issues identified by the testers by sharing a mobile device that resides in a remote location.

Develop, Execute and Debug on Devices and Simulators Locally or Remotely

Developers can develop using XCode and Android Studio against both physical or simulated devices connected locally to the developers’ machines or remotely to an on-site or SaaS cloud hosted by Experitest.