Appium Studio Datasheet


Appium Studio Datasheet

1-Click Installation and Setup
1-click installer
  • Install with a one click executable file with no additional environment dependencies
  • No other installations required
  • Includes everything you need to develop and run Appium tests
  • Simplified HW requirements
  • Work with Windows or MAC machines for iOS and Android devices
  • Connect up to 10 Android and iOS devices to a single Windows or Mac machine

  • Simple Development & Execution of Robust Tests
    Understand application structure and write robust, maintainable tests scripts
  • Object spy – View your application’s element structure, and generate identifiers with ease
  • Test recorder – Record and play your tests, then automatically export your recorded test to code
  • Documentation, videos, free online training
  • Develop tests using an intuitive user interface
  • See a device reflection
  • Simple test capabilities management (device, application)
  • Powerful IDE integration for automation projects
  • Code export
  • Automation project boilerplates
  • Real time visibility of automation run – including execution commands and element highlighting

  • Test iOS on Windows Machines
    iOS and Android tests can run on any machine (Windows or MAC) No need to purchase dedicated MAC machines for every Apple device
    Connect up to 10 devices per machine Set up a multi-device lab on a single MAC or Windows machine

    Increased Test Coverage
    Out of app testing for both iOS and Android Test the integration of your application with 3rd party apps, device apps and features and MDM integrations, e.g.: WiFi, SMS verification, facebook integration, redirect to browser etc.
    Interfaces and integrations
  • Fingerprint authentication
  • Image injection: check scanning, QR code scanning
  • Audio testing: Siri integration, voice commands
  • Test Customized UI elements Test the behavior of custom elements developed for your application
    Test any application type Test native, web or hybrid
    Performance testing Test your application’s performance under real-world conditions:

  • Network conditions
  • User conditions
  • Device conditions (battery, CPU)

  • Reporting Capabilities
    Automatically generated HTML report
  • Test steps details
  • Screenshots of every step
  • Crash and device logs
  • Vital resource consumption graphs
  • Video and audio recording

    CI/CD Integration & Parallel Execution
    Out-of-the-box mobile device grid for large scale execution Pre-configured out of the box, no need for additional installation and configuration
    Intelligent grid execution management
  • Real-time view of all executions
  • Dynamic test scheduling, execution, and distribution
  • Ability run multiple CI projects in parallel (multiple applications
  • Seamless integration into CI environments Hands-free automation directly from CI E.g: Hudson, Jenkins, TeamCity, Quality Center, Bamboo and TFS, Ant
    Quality reporting & analytics and insight Providing quality status at a glance, reducing environmental noise and highlighting real issues

    Reuse Your Appium Tests
    Run your existing Appium test scripts
  • On any iOS or Android device
  • On native, web and hybrid applications
  • Without modifications
  • Using Appium Webdriver API
  • Easily develop stable Appium/selenium tests Run Appium Studio tests in any Appium tool

    Customer Support & Roadmap
    Customer support
  • 24/7 support
  • Committed SLA
  • Commitment to a bug fix timeline
  • Immediate support for new mobile OS versions
  • Hard commitment to support beta version in next release (2 weeks)
  • Immediate support for new GA versions
  • Commitment to backward compatibility
  • Roadmap visibility