Appium Studio by Experitest
Enhance your Existing Appium Testing

A commercial enhanced version of the Appium testing open-source, suitable for Enterprise-wide deployments

  • Run existing Appium testing projects with enhanced functionality
  • View the mobile device screen as you develop and execute your Appium testing scripts
  • Identify object properties with object spy
  • Scale local Appium testing projects to an enterprise-wide environment
  • Add remoting capabilities critical for offshore teams
  • Set up quickly & easily: connect multiple iOS and Android devices to a single Windows machine
  • Generate fully customizable and shareable reports
  • Test outside your app: settings, messaging, finger, face authentication, image and audio
  • Increase performance testing capabilities and monitor battery, CPU and memory
  • Test network conditions, and on-the-move scenarios
  • Get immediate support for new operating systems from beta stage

How does Enterprise Appium by Experitest

improves your Appium testing?

Quick & Easy Setup

Connect multiple devices (iOS and Android included) to a single host machine. There is no need to connect an iOS machine to a Mac, and no need for third-party integrations (reporting systems, Selenium Grid, etc.) since everything is included in the simple to install download bundle.

Instant Scalability

Connect to a mobile device lab (SeeTestCloud), and access a large number of devices remotely, to enable different teams worldwide to work on the same devices. Expand any Appium testing project with easy setup. Run large scale parallel test executions across any number of devices. Reduce costs and shorten the time-to-market.

Simple Scripting

Enjoy full control of devices with device reflections. Create scripts of your Appium testing quickly with the Test Recorder button. Identify object properties with Object Spy, and begin testing without mastering many technologies (Java, OO, XPath etc).