Appium Studio for Eclipse Datasheet



Appium Add-on for Eclipse
End-to-end mobile test automation, directly from Eclipse
End-to-end mobile test automation from Eclipse using a single tool
  • Test development
  • Automation project development
  • Test executions
Rich views and editors fully embedded within Eclipse
  • Live view of the mobile device reflection
  • Application manager,
  • Mobile device inventory manager
  • Object repository editor
  • parallel execution wizard etc.
Supports Appium, Selenium and SeeTest drivers
 Appium Studio for Eclipse Datasheet
Powerful test & automation development tools
Dynamic device reflection Providing immediate visual feedback on all actions
Powerful object identification and management
  • Object spy
    • Identify objects by their native/web properties (also image/OCR)
    • Identify customized UI elements
  • XPath query
  • Object repository and dynamic identification
  • Drag and drop script editor
Appium test capabilities management Automatically generated test capability requirements

  • device, application, version
Verify and analyze scripts
  • Script “Story” view – visualize the impact of every line of code
  • Command and element highlighting during test run
  • Offline analysis for element identification failure
Leverage pre-configured Eclipse project framework assets for mobile including
  • Code snippets
  • Properties & configuration files
Detailed HTML test reports Including step by step results ad device reflection
 Appium Studio for Eclipse Datasheet
Full Mobile Device Control
Gestures Simulate any device gesture: Multi-touch, swipe, flick, drag & drop, zoom in and out, scroll including conditional scrolling, shake, pinch, force touch (iOS), tap, custom generated gestures
Full power cycle Reboot your device, reset or disconnect USB connection
All device virtual as well as physical buttons Control every button: home, volume, power, recent apps
Portrait / Landscape mode Toggle the screen’s display mode
Trigger incoming SMS/Calls
 Appium Studio for Eclipse Datasheet
Increased Test Coverage
All app types Test on native, web and hybrid applications, system & MDM apps (Device settings, SMS verification), and non-packaged apps (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)
All App functionality Test any type of app functionality:

  • Scanned-image testing (e.g. barcode, check scanning)
  • voice testing (e.g. Audio injection, Siri integration),
  • location-based testing (GPS simulation),
  • authentication simulation (e.g. TouchID, Password, Pin, Pattern)
 Appium Studio for Eclipse Datasheet
Mobile OS and OS versions
Android Android 2.1 – Android N (7) (including)
iOS iOS 7 to 10 (including)
Windows Phone 8.1
Blackberry Blackberry OS 7
Beta versions Enjoy immediate support for beta versions
 Appium Studio for Eclipse Datasheet
Integrative to test frameworks and CI environments
Full integration with Appium / Selenium Run or develop WebDriver (Selenium, Appium) tests
Full and seamless integration with Continuous Integration (CI) environments
  • Work with Hudson, Jenkins, TeamCity, as well as Quality Center, TFS, JUnit, NUnit, PyUnit, TestNG, Ant
  • Create and edit Jira issues
  • Submit your automated run results to QC
  • Plug-in to HP testing & monitoring tools: UFT (QTP), QC, LoadRunner, Sprinter, BSM, BAC, P&G
 Appium Studio for Eclipse Datasheet
For Performance Engineers
Monitor device vitals Check application CPU, memory, and network usage
Battery consumption Monitor and breakdown the detailed causes of application battery consumption
Network Conditions Simulate different network conditions like server and user locations, and network signal
Tech Parameters Take bandwidth, jitter and latency into account when testing
Mobility aspects Include on-the-move scenarios in your testing like riding on an elevator, or driving through a tunnel
 Appium Studio for Eclipse Datasheet
Remoting Capabilities
Remote access to real devices Create an on premise mobile device lab of physical or emulated mobile devices that reside securely within your company’s VPN (SeeTestCloud Onsite)
Gain secure access to one, or many Experitest managed devices located in Experitest’s data centers around the globe (SeeTestCloud SaaS)
Mobile device sharing Share devices between testers and developers for quick bug identification and fixes