SeeTest Network Virtualization
Mobile Performance Testing Tool

Test your end user experience while using your mobile application under real-world network conditions

  • Emulate different network conditions that affect application performance
  • Define network conditions by the geographical location of users, servers and network types
  • Emulate different bandwidth, latency and packet loss
  • Emulate on-the-move scenarios specific to mobile such as entering an elevator or driving through a tunnel
  • Identify and fix performance issues before deployment
  • Integrate your mobile performance testing with functional testing using SeeTestAutomation and SeeTestManual

Mobile Performance Testing with Network Virtualization

Test Anywhere on Earth

Mobile performance testing for your application under any scenario by modulating levels of bandwidth, latency, packet loss, and jitter. With the network virtualization, you can emulate any local network worldwide.

Simulate "On the Move" Scenarios

Our performance testing tool simulates rapid changes in a user's environment. You can see what happens to your application as your user drives through a tunnel, or gets in an elevator.

Resolve Mobile Performance Issues Prior to Deployment

30% of all application issues discovered by the user can be prevented by mobile performance testing tools. A quality network virtualization tool detects performance issues with your mobile application before the user does.