Mobile Add-on for LoadRunner:
Mobile Load Testing Tool

Perform mobile load testing by connecting to real mobile devices and see how your application works under synthetic load you generate in LoadRunner

  • Extend your performance testing and monitoring to include physical devices
  • Monitor response times, CPU, memory, battery and GPU
  • Receive a comprehensive and credible picture of the actual user experience
  • Create a VuGen load script directly in LoadRunner, or using SeeTestAutomation
  • Integrate your mobile load testing with the HP Performance Center

Mobile Load Testing With the LoadRunner Add-on

Extend the HP ALM Suite to Mobile

Extend the HP ALM Suite to enable end-to-end testing of mobile applications. Mobile load testing with the LoadRunner add-on can be fully integrated with HP ALM so you can gather all your mobile load results into the central reporting system.

Seamless Integration to LoadRunner

Create and edit your mobile tests inside LoadRunner, click on the LoadRunner play button to run the test, view results of your mobile app testing with the LoadRunner reporter and get screenshots of the device for each step.

Leverage Mobile Load Testing Capabilities

Leverage your load testing by combining real device load with synthetic load. Create response time references from real devices. Monitor your synthetic load, and validate your load accuracy.