Mobile Performance Testing

Testing beyond your app’s functionality is crucial in order to earn a 5-star rating. Ensure a great user experience by testing the performance of your mobile application under real-world conditions.

mobile app performance testing tool

Simulate different network conditions on real mobile devices hosted by Experitest using SeeTestCloud Online

Test the amount of device resources such as CPU,
memory and battery your mobile app consumes

mobile app performance

Make sure your app does not overly consume device resources, or crashes mobile devices by checking the usage levels of critical features such as CPU, memory, battery, and network upload/download.
Resolve issues that might occur on specific device models, operating systems, or networks. Cover mobile performance testing and functional testing all at once, by monitoring device vitals and running manual testing or automated testing on your mobile app with SeeTestAutomation and SeeTestManual.

Test how your mobile application behaves on real mobile devices while many users access it simultaneously

mobile testing on real devices

Perform mobile load testing by connecting real mobile devices and seeing how your application works under the synthetic load you generate with tools such as HP LoadRunner and Jmeter. Improve your load testing and find your app’s actual load accuracy by combining real and synthetic load. Build real-user flows and test it on real mobile devices. Correlate between different application performance vitals. Generate reports and integrate with any ALM system (HP ALM, Jira and more).

mobile load testing

Perform mobile load testing by connecting real mobile devices
and see how your application works under synthetic load you
generate in LoadRunner.

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