seetestcloud Mobile device cloud

SeeTestCloud Onsite
A Mobile Device Cloud Located Onsite

Locate all your devices onsite, in a central mobile device cloud. Allow remote access while ensuring top security

  • Allow remote access to your mobile device cloud within your company's VPN
  • Enable device sharing between your teams: automation, manual QA, development etc.
  • Use your favorite testing tools: Appium, Espresso, XCUITest etc
  • Set up your mobile device cloud easily, and quickly with a software only solution
  • Easily manage your devices, applications and users or project settings
  • Seamless integration into your Continuous Integration (CI) environment
  • Integrate with a variety of performance testing tools: HP LoadRunner, Jmeter and SeeTest NetworkVirtualization

Why mobile device cloud by SeeTestCloud onsite?

Highly Secured Mobile Device Cloud

With SeeTestCloud you can set-up an onsite mobile device cloud inside your VPN (so it enjoys the level of security provided by your company). There is no need to rely on third-party vendors; it is managed behind your firewall like other systems in your office.

Easy to Use Mobile Device Cloud

SeeTestCloud is a software-only solution, with a quick and easy set-up, that runs on any standard PC. Any device bought from any vendor can be connected with no required changes to the device.

High Performance Mobile Device Cloud

Mobile device cloud, based on SeeTestCloud, ensures response times that are as quick as working with locally-connected devices. Manual testers enjoy effective and quick test cycles. Automation testers experience short script run times.