SaaS Digital Assurance Lab




SaaS Digital Assurance Lab
 SaaS Digital Assurance Lab
Centralized Digital Device Hub
Mobile OS and OS versions Android 2.1  – Android O (8) (including)
iOS7 – iOS11.3 (Including)
Immediate Device Access Access to a large pool of browsers, physical mobile devices, simulators, and emulators hosted at Experitest data centers, click here for the full list of devices.
No Installation Required Test and develop your web & mobile applications against these devices directly from your browser with the software only solution
Global 24/7 access Access remote mobile devices, emulators and simulators from anywhere at any time
 SaaS Digital Assurance Lab

Enterprise Level Security

Data Security Stay compliant with the highest industry standards, including full ISO/IE27001 certification
Physical Security Secure your environment with the SaaS Digital Assurance Lab, deployed in highly secured Experitest Data Centers
Dedicated Environment Test on a dedicated private physical and network environment including: rack, servers, network equipment and devices, the racks are Wi-Fi shielded for full network security
Device Security
  • Cleanup whitelisted applications automatically
  • Cleanup browser cache automatically
  • Set or block application access
  • Onboard and offboard applications, utilize a device vault in case of clean failure (automatic)
Enterprise Security Protocols Work on devices using the same security protocols as your enterprise

  • Authentication and authorization
  • Role based permissions
  • Password management
  • System notifications on environment changes
 SaaS Digital Assurance Lab

Test Automation – Integrations

Test Automation Develop and run your automated tests against browsers and mobile devices (physical/emulated) hosted in the lab
XCtest & Espresso Run XCtest & Espresso tests
Appium/Selenium Run Appium/Selenium/Protractor/WebdriverIO tests developed in any programming language using any IDE & testing framework
CI Integration Seamlessly integrate to any Continuous Integration environment (CI), e.g. Jenkins, TeamCity, HP ALM, Bamboo
Integrate with SeeTest Automation Suite Develop and run your automated tests with SeeTestAutomation, Appium Studio, and Appium Studio for Eclipse
 SaaS Digital Assurance Lab

Test Automation – Grid Execution Mobile & Web

Parallel Execution Develop and run your tests in parallel across any number of desktop browsers, physical mobile devices, simulators, and emulators
Intelligent Execution Management Dynamic test scheduling, execution, and distribution according to specific attributes such as device manufacturer, model, OS version
Mass deployment of apps on target devices (RESTful API)
Automated provisioning processes for apps and services
Grid View View all executions in real time from the Grid
 SaaS Digital Assurance Lab
Test Analytics
Expanded Coverage Ensure your testing program covers all required scenarios and platforms
Shorter Investigation Times Use automated root-cause analysis to shorten investigation times
Customized Reports Create customized reports based on your key focus areas
CI Integration Seamlessly integrate to your Continuous Integration (CI) environment
Other Integrations Integrate to all testing frameworks and defect-management systems
 SaaS Digital Assurance Lab
Manual testing
Fast device interaction View and control device screens when developing and executing your test script without latency, as if the device is connected locally
Device real time logs Pull the device along with application crash logs
Gestures Support all gestures including: Multi touch, swipe, flick, drag & drop, zoom in and out, scroll including conditional scrolling, shake, pinch, force touch (iOS), tap, and custom generated gestures
Full power cycle Reboot your device, reset or disconnect the USB connection
Device button control Control all physical and virtual device buttons: Home, volume control, power, recent apps, portrait/landscape mode
Reporting Generate detailed reports including video and screenshots of what happened on the screen in each step of the test
Full and seamless integration with Continuous Integration (CI) environments
  • Integrate with Hudson, Jenkins, TeamCity, as well as Quality Center, TFS, JUnit, NUnit, PyUnit, TestNG, Ant
  • Create and edit Jira issues
  • Submit your automated run results to QC
Audio injection Test audio features such as call, voice to text and more
Application management for easy version distribution Install, uninstall, clear data, launch, and close, including application version management
 SaaS Digital Assurance Lab
App Development & Debugging
Development environment integration Use SaaS Digital Assurance Lab in conjunction with Xcode, Android Studio, Chrome and Safari dev tools
Remote device control View and control a remote physical mobile device as if it was locally connected
Test Native or Web apps Upload your native or web application on the device, interact with it and view the impact of your code changes
Bug reproduction Reproduce issues faster by debugging on the device and settings in which the error occurred
Remote Debugging Reproduce issues faster by debugging on the device and settings in which the error occurred
 SaaS Digital Assurance Lab
Network Virtualization & Monitoring
Network Virtualization Simulate different Network conditions during test automation or manual testing:

  • Server & User location
  • Network signal (e.g. 3G, 4G, LTE)
  • Tech parameters bandwidth, jitter, latency
  • Mobility aspects e.g. user hopping cells, losing reception in tunnel or deteriorated reception in elevator
Device vital online monitoring Monitors Device vital during test automation or manual testing:

  • Device CPU
  • Device memory
  • Device battery consumption incl. a detailed breakdown of energy consumption causes
 SaaS Digital Assurance Lab
Management Capabilities
Device management Schedule device reservations, and filter device selections
User management Define user roles, permissions, and device access
Project management Assign devices, and applications to users for specific projects and create a secure separation between projects
Application management Install, download and cleanup applications on multiple devices at the same time
Reporting and Alert management capabilities
  • Dashboard for quick overview
  • Reporting by device, user, project, application, etc
  • Email alerts