Digital Test Analytics


Digital Test Analytics
 Digital Test Analytics

Quality Dashboard

Single SnapshotView Key information on all of your applications

  • Test execution status
  • Test coverage rate
Root Cause Heat-mapIdentify errors Based on platform, manufacturer, OS, screen size, test, etc.
AlertsTrigger key failure alerts
 Digital Test Analytics
Test Coverage Analysis
Test CoverageDefine test-coverage matrix dimensions to suit your specific needs
Multi-execution analytics
  • Identify gaps in your coverage matrix
  • Receive trend reports
Execution specific analytics
  • Execution progress
  • Compare test execution coverage against baseline for better context
 Digital Test Analytics
Root-Cause Analysis
Failure GroupingGroup passing tests and omit failures within tolerated levels
Repeat FailuresWeed out repeat failures (e.g. environmental issues, functional aspects, components) and suggest root cause
Failure Correlation Analysis
Application SensitivitiesAutomatically identify sensitive areas in your application (stability, performance, functionality)
Causes of FailureHighlight key factors that cause your test to fail
 Digital Test Analytics
Eliminate Test Fluctuations
Redundant TestsFilter out redundant runs and repetitions
Environmental NoiseDefine rules to reduce environmental noise

  • Define minimal pass requirements for functional testing (single pass may indicate functional success)
  • Create thresholds for unstable results
Test GroupingGroup similar test runs for clarity
 Digital Test Analytics
Central ManagementCentrally manage the fault status, including investigation results and action items
Summary ReportsConsolidated management summary reports including fault categorization and resolution
Investigation Workflow
  • Assign groups of tests to organizational units
  • Receive updates and feedback
  • Manage status
  • Integration with defect management systems
Data SharingEnable data sharing with web access to central test-result repository
 Digital Test Analytics
Customizable Reports
Focus AreasCreate new reports based on your key focus areas
Report Types
  • Test status
  • Coverage reports
  • Heatmaps
  • Trend reports – historic analysis of your tests to evaluate progress and identify issues
Reporting ModulePluggable reporting module
 Digital Test Analytics
Support for all Test Platforms
Testing Frameworks and Defect Management SystemsAll testing frameworks and defect-management systems are supported
Test TypesAll test types supported

  • Unit
  • Smoke
  • Sanity
  • Functional
  • non-functional
  • UI functional
  • Persistence
  • Accessibility
QA ViewEnd-to-end QA view including web, mobile and API