Digital Assurance Lab Management

Effectively manage large scale digital testing projects by allowing your teams to remotely access real mobile devices and browsers from a secure centralized environment using Experitest’s SaaS or ons-premise Digital Assurance Labs

  • Manage a centralized pool of desktop browsers, real mobile devices, simulators and emulators that can be remotely access upon availability by different users
  • Store all your digital application versions online. Install, download and cleanup applications on multiple devices at the same time
  • Seamlessly integrate into your Continuous Integration (CI) environment
  • Define user roles, permissions, related project, and device access restrictions
  • Assign devices, and applications to specific projects and create a secure separation between projects
  • View Admin dashboard to get usage statistics and real time status of your entire team activity
  • Simplify iOS first user flow for your teams by eliminating the provisioning process with automated registration of Apple devices to Apple developer accounts.
  • Scale according to need by adding unlimited number of devices and users in any geography

Product Tour :

How does a Digital Device Lab help you create great digital experiences?

Extend and speed up testing, driving high quality digital experiences

Make continuous testing part of the CI pipeline with wide scale parallel execution on numerous mobile devices, mobile OS and web browsers simultaneously

A unified digital environment for all DevOps teams

Enable early testing and test re-use by providing the same environment to all teams. Shorten the feedback loop and expedite bug resolution with live device sharing between testing and development

Reduce the cost of operation

Drive operational efficiency by gaining visibility and leveraging offshoring capabilities. Increase device utilization rate and reduce the cost of procurement and maintenance loss.