Mobile Cloud Testing Tools

Access real mobile devices remotely, from a secure centralized environment using Experitest’s mobile cloud testing tools

In today’s mobile economy, you need to release new applications often. Low quality or bad experiences are highly penalized by users. Making applications that work well in the wild from the first download require development and testing with speed and quality in mind. Experitest’s mobile cloud testing tools allow you to introduce new devices and operating systems faster, automate more tests, and improve cross-team collaboration. All, so you can release better apps, faster.

Experitest mobile cloud testing tools

Onsite Mobile Device Cloud Mobile Device Cloud Hosted by Experitest

SeeTestCloud Onsite

Onsite Mobile Device Cloud

A mobile device lab located on the enterprise premises, enabling remote user access.
Having centralized device management, will enable remote users (testers, developers) to access devices from any location.

SeeTestCloud Online

Mobile Device Cloud Hosted by Experitest

Access hundreds of remote mobile devices hosted at Experitest data centers.
All devices, and all mobile OS are provided in a secured environment dedicated to each customer.

Ramp up your mobile strategy with a single mobile
device cloud for your entire organization


Experitest's mobile cloud testing tools are fully integrated
with all automation and CI environments

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Why should I use Experitest mobile cloud testing tools?

SeeTestCloud helps make devices easily available to more teams and makes introducing new devices and operating systems fast and efficient. Experitest's mobile cloud testing tools provide value to your entire DevOps team and help streamline collaboration and sharing.
Manual testers

Manual Testers

Generate detailed and shareable test reports including videos and images. Collaborate with developers with screen view sharing to allow simple bug detection.

Automation engineer

Automation Engineer

Execute mass parallel tests. Integrate to your existing ALM environment.



Develop or debug your mobile application using your development or open-source environment.
Integrate with automation environments and development tools, detect bugs easily and share sessions with QA teams.

QA managers

QA Managers

Manage your teams more effectively and increase their capacity.
Gain visibility, leverage offshoring capabilities, drive operational efficiency and improve security management.

Non-functional testers

Non-Functional Testers

Test your application performance under real network conditions. Monitor device vitals.