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The Secret to Mobile Testing

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Tom Benshimon


Product Manager


Mobile application testing is just a tech term. The real title for this effort is Mobile UX Testing. It is the job of every mobile testing team to provide a flawless experience to the current and future customers of the business they work for. Our job at Experitest is to design a mobile testing suite that makes sure that nothing gets in the way of your business giving the most enjoyable mobile experience to its users, and giving them every reason to want to become customers, clients, and partners in the success of your company.

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Forget everything you think you know about mobile testing. The truth is much simpler: Everybody gains the most exposure to your brand through your mobile application. Most people access their Smartphones before they brew their first cup of coffee. There is no more ubiquitous channel than your mobile application. The way a company present’s itself over mobile is no less important than the way a person dresses.


Appearances Matter


Experitest Network Virtualization and Performance Testing

Our responsibility is to make sure that there are no stains on your shirt. Nothing should get in the way of your user having an unforgettable time with your company’s brand, products, and style when using your mobile application.


That’s why Mobile Application Testing is just a geek term for UX Testing: Quality Assurance to get people excited about your business!


How do you think Facebook took a multibillion dollar leader, MySpace, and blew it out of the water in 5 years? How about Google? Didn’t they do the same to Yahoo in a similar time period?


They did it by presenting a superior user experience. Facebook was more user friendly and the customers made their statement. Google was created on the very premise that the way they could organize information was better for the end user than the methods the giant in the industry (at the time) was utilizing. They implemented a better search engine, and the users cast their vote.


The rest is history. It teaches us a half a trillion dollar lesson: If the user is happy, even market behemoths get clobbered. The winner is always the business that makes the customer happiest.


How We Make it Happen for You at Experitest


Experitest Network Virtualization and Performance Testing

Functional testing. SeeTest Automation is designed to work over mobile applications functioning on smartphones, wearables, and the Internet of Things. We automated the process of testing every function of a mobile application to make sure that when you deploy it to market, no user will encounter any type of error.


Automated testing. As devices, operating systems, and competing applications are constantly updating, it is up to you to keep up by always adding new features to your app. A critical part of the quality assurance process is to guarantee that new code, or revised code doesn’t impact every other function of your mobile application – even those functions not directly affected. This can be a long process. Test automation, made possible by SeeTest Automation, speeds up the process. We also feature plugins to the major continuous integration environments like Jenkins to enable your updates to flow smoothly from development, to UX testing, straight to redeployment at the app stores.


Performance testing. We want to make sure your app doesn’t pause, freeze, or crash regardless of whether a user is accessing you over a strong or a weak network. Every user must get the same smooth ride wherever he or she is using your app. SeeTest Network Virtualization lets you test so your mobile application will be as efficient for a user in Malaysia as it will for someone in Montreal.


Cloud testing. Cloud testing is the future. With SeeTest Cloud you can set up a mobile device lab within your company, and allow for mobile testing teams in offices worldwide to access one set of devices. A manager can reserve specific devices for teams located in different time zones to maintain a nonstop mobile testing operation. You can keep on testing your application constantly until it is ready to be deployed to market.


At Experitest we cover everything you will need to master the UX testing process and make many a happy customer. Our products already support mobile testing for iOS9 (Beta version).


Why not see for yourself?


Download any SeeTest Mobile Testing Tool for a one month free trial, and see how we can improve your customers experience with your company brand.


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