June 28, 2015 Experitest

The Secret Ingredient to Mobile Application Nobility

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In 1990 the top company on the Fortune 500 list was General Motors. Google didn’t exist. The changes brought about by the internet dethroned the corporate royalty of the day and crowned new legends. Today Google generates 5 times more in earnings and has a market value more than 6 times that of the king of yesterday.


But who will be the king of tomorrow? Additionally, who will be the nobles of the mobile application age?


The New Champion

Mobility nobility with Mobile Testing

A website empowered a business to tell its clients that it was open 24 hours a day. Mobility extends that. Now a business can say “We can serve your needs anywhere, and anytime”.


This is why mobility has become the primary way a business interacts with its customers — both current and future. That is the reward which awaits the innovative thinkers of today’s enterprise: market supremacy.


As the dawn of the mobile application era enters full daylight, new unknown start-ups will become household words. Companies with top quality online marketing strategies, but still slow to adopt a mobile strategy will fall from leaders in their own market to second tier. Small competitors with little assets, but a cutting edge mobile application strategy will become the new corporate nobility – the leaders of their respective market. Like Google during the reign of GM, they won’t be small for long.


Those at the top need to do what it takes to stay there, and those striving to be number one need to do what it takes to get there. A superior mobile application is a secret ingredient to the sweet taste of success in today’s marketplace.


Path to the Top

Mobility nobility with Mobile Testing

To get there your mobile application must back up the guarantee that you are there for your customers anywhere, and anytime. To do that you must perform comprehensive mobile application testing to make sure that your application has no errors and is always in working order, or available at any moment. Then you have to make sure your mobile application is tested to perform smoothly over any local network on earth so you can be available to anyone interested in any location.


Mobile application testing is the key mobility, and mobility is the key to success in the new tomorrow.


Why pay money to find out for yourself?


In conclusion, Experitest offers a free trial for all of our products. Perform mobile application testing with our SeeTest Automation and SeeTest Manual tools to perfect your mobile application functioning. Be ready for business any time of the day. Take a free trial with SeeTest NetworkVirtualization so you can optimize the quality of your mobile application’s performance anywhere on earth. Use SeeTest Cloud to access as many devices as you want from your company cloud.


InfoQ has published an amazing article about The Basics of Mobile Application Testing. I highly recommend it.



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Tom Bensimhon


Product Manager


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