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The Hidden Reason Why Users Demand More From a Mobile App

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Here is the most overlooked fact in the mobile app industry that holds the key to success for your mobility strategy:


You start at minus.


For the user, the return on their investment is negative the moment they access your app.


If you can internalize this, you are a step ahead of almost everyone else.


To clarify, for a desktop app, there is no work accessing it. Whether an app or a website you just press a button and it’s there. The user invests no effort in viewing any desktop application, including the internet.


The User’s Investment

Mobile Testing is the Key

This is not so for mobile. To access a mobile app, the user has to make an investment. He has to go to the app store, submit information, and download the app. This can take seconds, or it can take minutes. Either way, it is an investment of time and effort.


In other words, this is the key to owning mobility. Understand that your mobile app has to justify this investment. The user is putting his time on the line. You have to reassure them they made the right decision by delivering a killer app that returns their investment with real gains like satisfaction, and a genuine user experience.


For those precious minutes, your user could have been doing a thousand other things with his free time. He chose to download your app.


He or she may not be thinking about it this way, but that’s the way they feel. That is why any app, even the free ones, have to deliver value. If they don’t, the user will feel duped. He will feel robbed of his time. Instead of simply clicking to another website, the angry user will delete your app, ignore your brand anywhere else, and even go so far as to mock your products on social media.


The fact that there is a bigger downside only serves to underscore the tremendous upside.


Since your user did make a commitment to you, if you validate that commitment you create a level of trust. If you prove them right for deciding to invest the time and effort into accessing your mobile app, they will thank you for making them feel good about themselves. This is how mobile is rapidly becoming the greatest channel for eCommerce: the bond between the brand and the user is closer.


Now You Know!

Mobile Testing is the Key

Knowing is half the battle. Delivering is the rest.

You figure something simple like this would be common knowledge. The fact is, it isn’t. According to Compuware, over 60% of users experienced a freeze, error, or crash of their mobile app. That’s why over 80% of mobile applications sitting on smartphones worldwide right now will be deleted in less than a year. There are two levels of quality you have to deliver to retain the user.


The first is obvious. You have to develop a great app. It has to be something that gets the user excited about your brand.


The second is not so obvious, but it is even more vital. After all, if the app is okay the user will think he got a little bit back. He may not keep the app for long, but he won’t be mad. The next time you release something he will give you a fair shot.


However, if you don’t take care of this, the consequences are a complete disaster.


Where Mobile Testing is a Matter of Life and Death

Mobile Testing is the Key

If a user makes an investment in an app that doesn’t work, you’re toast. If they make the decision to put in their time and effort to access something that doesn’t even get a basic experience because of errors or slow performance, it’s an insult to the user. As a result, he doesn’t even get to break even. He is stuck with a loss and will blame it on you.


Understand that 80% of users demand an app that loads in 3 seconds or less, and 84% demand an app that works perfectly. Do not release your app to market until it meets the minimum user-defined standards that guarantee the return of, at least, the investment of time and effort the user made in your mobile application.


Mobile testing is the ultimate hedge against disaster.


To conclude, Experitest’s SeeTest Solutions Suite offers you the chance to deliver that return on user investment. You can test all the functions of your mobile app with our mobile cloud testing tool, and you can guarantee the performance across all local networks with our SeeTest Network Virtualization mobile testing solution.


When the life of your mobile app hangs in the balance, why take unnecessary risks?



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Navot Dako

Mobile Testing Evangelist


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