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Prevent a Disregard for Excellence


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Navot Dako


Mobile Testing Evangelist


While developing a mobile application, many defects are left unattended all the way through the mobile testing process, even as it reaches the market deployment phase. It won’t be addressed until the appropriate people detect and report it. This is doublespeak for “it’s not an issue unless the customer finds it.”

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Big Risks Without Mobile Testing

Big Risks Without Mobile Testing

This Russian roulette with your users is careless and dangerous, but it is also often a part of the business. Quite often there are so many defects to fix, so many issues to resolve, there is not enough manpower to take care of it all. Add into the mix a tight deadline to stay ahead of technology, new operating system updates, and most of all – the competition, and you have tremendous pressure to make the fateful decision of what gets fixed and where everyone needs to hold their breath.


Developers and mobile testers alike have to decide what parts of their mobile application go to market with inadequate mobile testing. Even if the features of a mobile application that are left unfixed are minor and don’t interrupt the functioning of the app itself, it can be dangerous if the user sees it.


If a word inside a pop up box is misspelled, the app will work, but the user scratches his head asking himself, “If they can’t get right something so simple, how can I trust them with something important, like my money, or their product?”


This message isn’t communicated just once. If the app runs fine, and the user keeps enjoying it, every time they encounter a defect, they are reminded of the problem. Each time they see the defect they are reminded about your disregard for excellence.


These small reminders weigh on a user’s mind when they made the biggest decision: do I follow the company’s call to action or not? The smallest defects can make the smallest difference between a sale, amounting to a return on the investment you made on the app, or a no sale — rendering the investment a loss.


The Best Insurance

In Good Hands With Mobile Testing

Top quality test automation can relieve you of this dilemma. The faster you can test, the more defects you can uncover, and the more “low hanging fruit” problems you can resolve before someone else decides that the app has to go to market, now, as is.


For each problem you resolve, there is that less of a chance the customer will find it, and have an unnecessary reason for not following through and buying your brand.


That’s what SeeTest Automation is for: testing wider, and testing faster so you can uncover what needs to be done to maximize the quality of your mobile application, and provide the best user experience to the future satisfied customers of your brand.



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