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Mobile Testing on Devices Inside Your Body Better be Perfect

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Mobility has enabled us to track pills operating inside our bodies. All of this is based on miniature devices installed inside ingestible carriers, like pills, or even shots. The only way to manage these devices is by mobile applications on your tablet, smartphone, or watch. Applications dealing with something inside of us require complete perfection when mobile testing.


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Approved in Europe in 2010 Smart pills came to the US, 2 years later. They are used for many purposes, primarily of which is to inform someone and others that the person took their pill. It is estimated that most people do not take their pills the way the doctor prescribed. Half the time it’s because people just forget. This has cost the American health care system a quarter trillion dollars yearly.


Not only in financial costs, but mobile applications notifying people to take their medicine is also lifesaving.


Taking the Right Doses All the Time

The pills contain Millimeter-long sensors within. As acids in the body begin to dissolve them, they transmit small pulses of data to a mobile device like a tablet, phone, or watch. This alerts the app that the person has taken their pills. Once the mobile device receives the pulse, it will note it in the application. A notification will also be sent to a doctor, spouse, child, or anyone else concerned for the individual taking the medication. If a specified time period elapses in a person’s pill taking regiment, another notification will be sent. Those concerned can contact the user, or the user will see the alert and take their medication.


For the elderly, some of whom may have weaker memories, or have a lot of different medicines to take, enabling their loved ones to keep track of what they have and haven’t taken can be lifesaving.


Where the Stakes Couldn’t be Higher

Mobile Testing for Smartpills

But it is critical to make sure the applications are working. Smart pills are ingested into the body. They are toxic materials that if taken properly, heal. Improper administration, however, might lead to devastating results.


What would happen if the mobile application didn’t indicate the person forgot to take their pill when they did? Nobody would remind them. What happens when the user does take their pill and the application didn’t record it? If a loved one were to be notified and remind their dad to “take his medication,” and he forgot that he already did, he would be overdosing.


Mobile Testing: Your Life Depends on it!

When it comes to a mobile application communicating with devices from inside your body, there is absolutely zero room for error. Mobile application testing is an absolute must. Every time the application itself is updated, everything must be tested again. Performance must be perfect so only the most up to date information is available at all times.


I look forward to these innovations that are extending our lives, and the quality of living. Let’s just make sure on a constant basis with excellent mobile testing that they are doing just that.


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