July 30, 2015 Experitest

Don’t Break Your IT Budget with Mobile Testing

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Guy Arieli


Chief Technology Officer


Why should your mobile testing team have to learn new programming languages, get trained on new systems, and waste time and money simply to complete a process that can be done using one software suite? While more smartwatches come to market, and the Internet of Things expands exponentially, why should you have to buy different mobile testing tools with their own languages and configurations, and retrain your team?


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Deliver the Ultimate UX with Efficient Mobile Testing

Experitest Network Virtualization and Performance Testing

In order to deliver the ultimate mobile experience to your users, you need functional testing. You need performance testing, and you need load testing. You need to verify that your mobile application works wherever your user is located, regardless of the strength of the network. Since the worldwide smartphone audience is 3 times larger than desktop, you need load testing because at any given moment you can have a surge in traffic greater than anything your business has ever seen. You need testing for wearables, especially smartwatches, and It won’t be long before the tidal wave of connected devices which make up the Internet of Things will require you to mobile test for almost everything there as well.


The rewards of mobility make this a good investment. Already 70% of Smartphone owners make purchases with their mobile devices. By the end of the decade over $600 billion will be purchased using mobile applications. Why not? The eCommerce universe is already a $2 trillion market where mobility is playing an ever increasing role.
But as the average enterprise doubles the amount it spends on mobility within its IT budget, should you break the bank on quality assurance?


Not with Experitest. We can make your good investment a wise one as well.


All the Resources You Need In One Place

Experitest Network Virtualization and Performance Testing

We already anticipated the problem of mobile testers having to learn a new system simply because the technology expands. This is why we developed our mobile testing tools to cover everything – even technologies still in development. We want to maximize your ROI in mobile testing by not having to by a new model every time technology reinvents the wheel.


Our mobile testing suite covers everything. Learn it once! We have engineers who will train you, 24 hour tech support, and first class online documentation. As technology expands, so do the capabilities of our testing tools. Our SeeTest Automation already covers wearables, the IoT, and the beta version of iOS9. SeeTest Network Virtualization simulates any type of local network on earth so you can ensure your mobile application works as smoothly over a network in Madagascar as it does over one in Manhattan. We have addons for UFT and Load Runner, enabling you to cover load testing, and our SeeTest Cloud empowers you to set up an on premise mobile device lab in one area, and give access to the devices in that lab to testers in offices worldwide through the cloud.


Don’t get mired in a situation where you need multiple testing tools, and overlapping mobile testers to accommodate different languages, scripts, configurations, and learning curves. Do it once, and do it right.



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