Manual Testing Datasheet

Manual Testing – Mobile Testing Tool

Access to Real Remote Mobile Devices
Large device inventory Select a device from a large inventory of mobile devices in the device lab
Hosted or On-premise Digital Assurance Lab Gain secure access to devices located onsite on the Enterprise premises (Onsite Digital Assurance Lab) OR in an Experitest data center (SaaS Digital Assurance Lab)
Web-based interface Control remote mobile devices, perform manual testing and receive reports with screenshots/videos using a web interface with no installation required

Full Control of Remote Devices
All manual actions supported including:
  • Multi-touch
  • Swipe
  • Flick
  • Drag & Drop
  • Zoom in and out
  • Scroll including conditional scrolling
  • Shake
  • Pinch
  • Force touch (iOS)
  • Tap
  • Custom generated gestures
  • Full power cycle Control your device power cycle fully – reboot your device, reset or disconnect the USB connection
    Device button control Control all physical and virtual device buttons: Home, volume control, power, recent apps, portrait/landscape mode

    Complex Use Case Testing Capabilities
    Location based feature testing Test geolocation-based applications by allowing users to set any location of a device as necessary for testing
    Authentication feature testing Test login authentication with TouchID, Password, Pin, Pattern
    Audio feature testing Test audio features such as call, voice to text, and more
    Image scanning testing Test image validation stories (e.g – barcode and check scanning)
    Trigger incoming SMS/Calls Send Calls/SMS to the device

    Non-Functional Testing Capabilities
    Device conditions Monitor different device conditions: device CPU, device memory, device battery consumption including a detailed breakdown of energy consumption causes
    Network conditions Simulate any network condition like server location, user location, network signal, tech parameters bandwidth, jitter, latency,
    Mobility aspects – user hopping cells, losing reception in tunnel or deteriorated reception in elevator

    Reporting Capabilities
    Easily generate HTML reports including:
    • Details, screenshots and video of each step of a test
    • Edit report to highlight and include important information
    • Reports can be shared with other testers, developers, and managers for rapid error resolution
    • Reports are automatically stored online in the reports section in SaaS/On-premise Digital Assurance Lab
    Device log pulling Pull device log along with application crash logs
    Session sharing Enable cloud or project admins to view the screen of a connected mobile device while it is in use by a different remote manual or automation user
    Quality Dashboard Consolidate your test results with a centralized reporting and analysis system