Manual Mobile Testing Tool

Test manually on remote devices located in your mobile device lab (SeeTestCloud)

  • Access remote mobile devices from any browser
  • Perform manual mobile testing actions on a remote mobile device from your computer
  • Receive a report with screenshots and videos of what happened on the device
  • Easy device sharing and debugging between QA and Development teams
  • Full integration with HP Quality Center and Attlassian JIRA
  • iOS, Android, WindowsPhone and Blackberry support

Manual Mobile Testing with SeeTestManual

Ease of Use

SeeTestManual allows you to perform manual mobile testing on devices using your PC keyboard and mouse. The device screen is reflected on the PC and there is no need to struggle with typing and swiping on the device itself.

Effective Manual Mobile Testing

Record repetitive steps of the manual mobile testing script and play them to get them to the point in the application that you actually want to test.

Automatic Report Generation

A report is automatically generated for the tested device as well as other devices on which the test is replicated. The report includes a description and screenshot of every step performed.