How to develop and run Appium tests directly from Eclipse - Live Tutorial
Wednesday, January 24, 2 pm IST and 2 pm EST

Join this webinar to learn how to use a powerful Eclipse plug-in to:
  • Develop stable Appium tests directly from within your Eclipse IDE
  • Avoid flaky tests and ensure robust test suits with visual validation tools
  • Increase your automation coverage for complex scenarios
  • Test on numerous physical devices and OS and speed up feedback with large scale parallel execution on a digital assurance lab
  • Speed up feedback and root cause analysis with reports and analytics

Bonus: All projects used will be shared on GitHub after the tutorial.


<b>Guy Arieli</b> - CTO, Experitest

Guy Arieli
CTO, Experitest

<b>Sheli Ashkenazi</b> - Product Management, Experitest

Sheli Ashkenazi
Product Management, Experitest

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