Are you ready to Shift Left?
What are the skills and technologies needed for the transition

Tuesday Sept 19, 2 pm IST and 2 pm EDT

Shift Left joins practices such as DevOps, Continuous Integration and automation in the effort to increase speed and quality while reducing costs. It does so by introducing quality early in the development cycle, but what exactly does that mean for individuals and how are organizations going about implementing it?

Join us in this Webinar as we discuss:
  • What exactly is Shift Left?
  • Shift left goals and drivers
  • How Shift Left affects application development and testing organizational structures
  • New technologies and skills required for developers and testers - including demos
  • Case study - how a US bank is shifting left to shorten dev-test cycle and provide better digital experiences


<b>Guy Arieli</b> - CTO, Experitest

Guy Arieli
CTO, Experitest

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