How to run Appium tests on iOS 11 beta - step by step tutorial
Tuesday July 18, 2 pm IST and 2 pm EDT

A step-by-step tutorial on how to perform Appium testing for iOS 11.

Start your regression testing as early as possible to ensure that your users continue to receive the high quality experience they are accustomed to when they hit that iOS upgrade button.

Join this live tutorial to learn how to perform large scale Appium testing for iOS 11 using Appium Studio, today.

Session highlights:

  • How to obtain the iOS 11 beta version and how to install it
  • How to update your testing environment to support iOS 11 beta?
  • How to change your tests to support for iOS 11 beta - including live demo
  • Scaling up your Appium automation project with large scale parallel execution

Finally, we will discuss the new possibilities presented in iOS 11 and their impact on your testing program


<b>Tom Ben Simhon</b> - Head of Product

Tom Ben Simhon
Head of Product

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