Getting Started with SeeTest Public Cloud

A: Pricing of SeeTest Public Cloud Check - https://experitest.com/pricing Pricing of Enterprise Cloud (On-Prem or SaaS) Contact us at https://go.experitest.com/enterprise-page-contact-us-landing-page
A: Concurrent/Parallel testing depends on the package you subscribe Check more at https://experitest.com/pricing by clicking "Start Testing" and registering to the service. Concurrent Tests here means Parallel Tests, ie. at one point of time your project can only reserve only the mentioned number of devices. Example: For a package of "2 Concurrent Test (5 Users) --> Annual Subscription - $149 , Monthly Subscription - $179" Concurrent tests you can only reserve 2 devices by your project
A: You can use Network Tunneling. Here is the link - https://docs.experitest.com/display/LT/Network+Tunnel+Client
A: We do not have official integration but the Appium based Robot Framework will work.
A: Yes. You can use the code from the Automation tab of the Cloud.
A: SeeTest cloud does support the Audio features. See https://docs.experitest.com/display/LT/Audio But currently, in SeeTest Public Cloud there is no Audio Hardware installed so this feature is not supported in SeeTest Public Cloud but it is supported in SeeTest Enterprise Cloud.
A: Yes, we do support it. See below: https://docs.experitest.com/display/LT/Remote+Application+Debugging
A: In Manual testing, we support it using https://docs.experitest.com/display/LT/Record+Performance+Transactions This is also supported in Automation https://docs.experitest.com/display/TE/StartPerformanceTransaction
A: In Manual testing, we support it using https://docs.experitest.com/display/LT/Record+Performance+Transactions This is also supported in Automation https://docs.experitest.com/display/TE/StartPerformanceTransaction
A: SeeTest support camera capture using simulation. See below https://docs.experitest.com/display/LT/Simulate+Capture You can also accomplish this in Automation test using https://docs.experitest.com/display/TE/SimulateCapture
A: Below is the Maven dependency which can be used. Make sure that you specify the correct cloud URL and version as highlighted below. true always fail Experitest.repo1 YourName https://cloud.SeeTest.io/repo/ default com.experitest appium-SeeTest-extension 20.4 io.appium java-client 5.0.4
A: You can only use 2 devices connected to Appium Studio for the community version. Please check if you adhere to the legal terms of Appium Studio https://experitest.com/legal-appium/
A: They are mostly same with some difference but the major one is SeeTest generates code compatible with SeeTest libraries and Appium Studio generates code aligned to the Appium libraries. SeeTest exposes Object Repository which Appium does not.
A: Appium Studio and SeeTest generated XPATHs may be slightly different than Appium generated XPATHs sometimes. You will have to change it to make it compatible and run. In newer releases of Cloud, you can use the Appium OSS. See https://docs.experitest.com/display/TE/Appium+Open+Source+Execution Note: The above feature is only applicable to the cloud.

Technical Assistance

A: Please raise this issue to support@experitest.com with your registered email address of Cloud.
A: Appium Studio for community Edition cannot connect to SeeTest Public cloud Please use Appium Studio for Enterprise, SeeTest Automation, or Appium Studio for Eclipse or IntelliJ. Please check https://docs.experitest.com/display/TC/Appium+Studio+for+Eclipse+-+Installation for using Appium Studio for Eclipse.
A: The trial account has less number of devices, below are our premium devices. https://experitest.com/real-devices/ The devices in SeeTest public cloud are shared and thus may not have all the devices which you need. We revise our device list based on the customer demand etc. If you need specific dedicated devices please choose our Enterprise Cloud Service. For pricing and other queries on Enterprise Cloud contact us at https://go.experitest.com/enterprise-page-contact-us-landing-page
A: Yes, this is expected behavior in SeeTest public cloud, the application is deleted due to security reasons.
A: Are you using a Free Account? If yes this is expected behavior since the free account does not have test execution capability
A: Your account may have the capability to have one browser at one time or you may not have clicked the “END Session” button and clicked directly X on the window. Please ensure you exit from the existing browser session or wait for a few seconds in case you have clicked X on the browser session window.
A: First, please clear your browser cache and attempt again in a new browser window. If that doesn't work then you will have to troubleshoot by going to your Network Administrator. See https://docs.experitest.com/display/LT/Unable+to+Open+Device+-+Connection+Error