June 25, 2020 Jonny Steiner

Experitest supports iOS 14 first beta

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Experitest is proud to announce that we are the first to support testing on the iOS 14. Our iOS team worked around the clock and made a breakthrough just 18 hours after iOS 14 Beta was released. Now, our customers will be able to test their mobile applications on iOS 14 as soon as possible.

Supporting a new iOS version as soon as it is released is a key capability that enables our customers enough time to prepare their apps for the GA version.

The new iOS 14 supports includes the following capabilities:

  1. Manual testing
  2. Appium test execution
  3. Appium test creation
  4. Mobile UX performance
  5. Mobile accessibility

Experitest was the first to support iOS 12 and we are already working hard to be the first to support iOS 15.

If you are an Experitest customer and would like to try the new iOS 14 capabilities please contact your success manager.

Here is a brief demo so that you can see it in action:


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