May 27, 2015 Experitest

Wipro & Experitest Co webinar, Wed June 10, 12:00pm EST

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Wipro & Experitest Co webinar, Wed June 10, 12:00pm EST


Enhance Your Mobile App with Load Testing and Test Automation




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Join Wipro and Experitest in a live webinar on improving the performance of your mobile application while expanding productivity. The solutions we present will allow you to test faster, and more diligently than ever, combining load, performance, and functionality all at once.


With over 2 billion smartphone users accessing mobile applications, at any moment an app can enjoy a sudden spike in traffic. If the application’s server isn’t ready for the new level of usage, the mobile application can slow down, freeze, or even crash. That is why Experitest expanded its SeeTest Automation tool to include full integration with LoadRunner, the HP load testing platform enabling you to be prepared for unexpected events by simulating thousands of users of all types, and creating as many mass usage scenarios as needed.


To further enhance the productivity of your testing team, Wipro has developed the SeeTest Framework, a user friendly interface that empowers mobile testers to create scripts without having to write lines of code. Wipro’s solution has made mobile testers, many of them new to the world of mobile testing, as productive as the best in the industry. As mobility expands, and the supply of mobile testers becomes scarce, enterprises can hire more testers without causing unnecessary delays in their testing processes while they move up the learning curve.

We will also cover:


  • A case study involving Wipro and SeeTest working with a major American Bank
  • Live demo to show SeeTest Automation integrate into HP LoadRunner
  • How Wipro developed a mainframe component to perform backend validation
  • Live demo of Wipro’s SeeTest Framework, and how it improves productivity by 50%

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