July 22, 2015 Experitest

When Your Mobile Application Works Anywhere on Earth!


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Guy Arieli


Chief Technology Officer


Have you ever heard about the app developer who keeps saying, “What’s the problem? The app works fine on my device.” He keeps forgetting to tell you he has a 4G connection where he lives 10 meters away from the nearest tower.


What about everyone else? Will the same mobile app work as fast in a rural town in Montana? How about over an older tower in Taipei?


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How do you check for that?

Experitest Network Virtualization and Performance Testing

More than 30% of the issues discovered after you release your application to the market could have been prevented by network virtualization testing. Some functions work seamlessly in areas with a great connection, but pause, freeze, or outright crash when the speed made available by local networks is significantly less.


For any application speed is critical. Amazon determined that every 100 milliseconds of additional load time resulted in a 1% decrease in sales. 67% of online shoppers would postpone a decision to buy something on a page solely because it was operating too slowly.


If 47% of mobile applications have slow launch times, then network virtualization testing leads you right into the top half of the players in your market. You can make sure your mobile application works as fast in Madagascar as it does in Manhattan by testing it under conditions that mimic any type of local connection on earth.


Experitest Network Virtualization and Performance Testing

Test your mobile application under different local network levels of bandwidth, latency, and jitter.


Using Experitest’s performance testing tools for mobile applications, the “it works fine on my device” excuse will be something your competitors will have to use.


SeeTest Network Virtualization performance testing tools makes it happen. It integrates into SeeTest Automation so you can conduct performance testing along with functional testing, enabling you to expand your test coverage without wasting precious time in bringing your app to market.


Destroy 30% of your mobile application’s cloud testing problems before any bugs have a chance to attack your users. Download Experitest’s SeeTest Network Virtualization performance testing tools for your mobile applications right now for a free one month trial.



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