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SeeTest Network Virtualization is the Premiere Mobile Performance Testing Tool

According to the Cap Gemini 2014-2015 World Quality Report, performance is one of the top priorities for a mobile development team. In addition, thirty percent of all mobile application defects can be prevented by quality mobile performance testing.


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The slower your app works, the more a user has to concentrate to use it, killing his user experience. There is a flow to navigating the web that people expect. Break that flow and you stress people out. To clarify, it’s like a customer having to sort an entire shelf of clothes just to find the brand name shirt he is looking for. By the time he finds it he is in no mood to buy.


To the end user, a slowly performing mobile application may as well be broken. Furthermore, the Aberdeen Group found that a one-second delay in page response time results in a 7% reduction in online customer conversion. Mobile app testing for a mobile application’s performance directly impacts the bottom line. Today’s application developer needs a mobile performance testing tool in the same way that they need a functional cloud testing tool.


What are the Performance Issues?


As much as 70% of an application’s speed is impacted by the network it runs on.


There are all sorts of things outside the control of the mobile application developer that affects the performance of a mobile application. For example, the user’s batteries might be running low. The user can move from a location close to a cell tower too far away from one. The user’s handset can experience crashes, rapid battery drain, inefficient starts, and exits, or CPU and memory constraints.


If these factors contribute to the slow performance of a mobile application, the user is still likely to blame the app. That’s not his problem, it’s ours. You have to perform mobile testing for all of these scenarios to at the very least minimize the impact situations out of your control will have on your user’s experience with your mobile application.


You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure


SeeTest Network Virtualization Mobile Performance Testing Tool

The biggest challenge for mobile performance testing is to test left before your mobile application is deployed to the market. The challenge with measuring performance over networks around the world is that the assumption is you cannot measure it until it actually happens. But can you? Is it possible to measure your application’s performance in Japan or Spain while it is still in development in your California office?


Network Virtualization as a Mobile Performance Testing Tool


A quality network virtualization tool solves the problem. A quality NV tool simulates any type of local network your application can run on by emulating different levels of bandwidth, memory, latency, battery life, and so on.


But what happens when you drive through a tunnel? How about entering an elevator? What impact will those changes make on the speed of your mobile application? Can you expand your mobile testing to this as well?
The best mobile performance testing tools make it happen.


Experitest Presents SeeTest Network Virtualization



With SeeTest Network Virtualization you can test your application under any type of network condition. Our performance testing tool emulates changes in bandwidth, latency, packet loss, and jitter to give your application the experience that it is operating in any local network on earth. As a software tool, of course you can download it on demand.


We also have an on the move feature that simulates what will happen to the performance of your application if the user drives into a tunnel, or walks into an elevator. It is our goal to make sure your application is ready for anything.


You can use Network Virtualization along with Experitest’s functional testing tools SeeTest Automation and SeeTest Manual. Attach these tools to SeeTest Cloud and you have an on-premise mobile device lab offering all the devices you have in inventory to all of your testers at once, while at the same time giving them the capacity to test function and performance all at once.


What is Mobile Application Performance Testing?

Mobile Performance testing is testing the speed of a mobile application. Standard mobile application performance testing will test the speed of the mobile app under normal conditions. Advanced testing involves simulating different network conditions by changing the levels of bandwidth, latency, and packet loss, and jitter while the mobile application is running. Some types of mobile application performance testing will simulate changes in user locations. This includes scenarios like entering an elevator or riding through a tunnel.



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