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Put More People on Your Mobile Testing Projects at No Extra Cost


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Guy Arieli


Chief Technology Officer


Would you like to increase the productivity of your mobile testers without having to hire new ones? How about making sure that your new hires are twice as capable?

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A Win-Win With Cloud Testing


Mobile cloud testing makes it possible. By setting up an on-premise device lab, you consolidate all of your mobile devices to one central location where all of your mobile testers can access them. You can set up a quality assurance (QA) manager to reserve each device for a specified time period to a mobile tester based on the needs of the project, its priority, and who else wants to use that particular device at that time.

Experitest Network Virtualization and Performance Testing

Continuous mobile testing not only means the right testers work on the right projects, but that testers who are in between tasks at any given moment are assigned to any project that needs additional hands. Immediately, a project in San Francisco can get help from a tester in Singapore.


A manager can assign projects to testers in Beijing, Barcelona, and Baltimore. If mobile testers work a standard shift according to their local time zones, the project enjoys continuous mobile testing until the work is done.


You never stop your mobile testing until your app is deployed to market.

Experitest Network Virtualization and Performance Testing

The advantage of Experitest’s SeeTest Cloud is your mobile testing is secure. Our mobile testing suite runs inside a company’s virtual private network (VPN) keeping all the code and data safe within the company.


In a matter of months ago mobile testing went from primarily Smartphones to smartwatches, fitness bands, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Pretty soon mobile applications will be communicating with Smart Clothes, city blocks, and innumerable household appliances in the process of becoming connected.


A number of permutations of devices, wearables, operating systems you need to test your mobile applications on are going from phenomenal to astronomical. The sooner you can meet the new challenges with expanded productivity of your mobile testing, the better!


Download your copy of SeeTest Cloud and start your continuous mobile testing today!


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