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Optimizing B2E Mobile Applications, Productivity, and Customer Service


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Erez Ronen


Head of Customer Accounts


Twenty years ago, a company’s digital interface with its employees was usually an intranet. The attitude was that since employees didn’t buy products, resources should be focused on business to customer, or business to business, rather than business to the employee. With mobility, digital assets empower a worker with greater tools to please the customer. As a result, companies are re-evaluating the importance of employee mobile applications, and how vital it is that they should have always been in a perfect working order.

Optimizing B2E Mobile Applications, Productivity, and Customer Service

In the digital age, most employees serve as gateways to customer satisfaction. The tools they are given enables them to make the customer happy. With the right mobile applications, an employee can bring in more business than ever.


Examples of B2E mobile Productivity

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• A car dealer can inform a prospective buyer, even in the middle of the test drive, if the car he wants is available, how long it will take to accept delivery, and even the terms of financing.


• A computer serviceman can tell his customer what parts are needed, when they will be in, if they are in stock, and how long the job will take. He can do it while the customer is waiting in line.


• Company X wants to make sure that the moment a new product arrives at the store, every customer inside at that moment knows about it. They do it by providing all workers with smartphones which have a very distinct and loud ringtone which goes off at the announcement.


Every situation where anyone who represents the business is forced to say, “I don’t know,” “Let me speak to my supervisor,” or “I will get back to you,” a mobile application should be developed, tested, and released to make sure that the right information is available to the customer immediately, and that this problem never happens again.

Optimizing B2E Mobile Applications, Productivity, and Customer Service

The best service oriented companies will not let anyone wait on hold for more than 20 seconds. They will get back to the caller, even if just to say “we are working on it.” They are concerned that a pause too long will negatively impact the customer.


Imagine what a wait of hours or days will do to the prospect of a sale.


The Undiscovered Opportunity


Most companies still don’t get it. Only a quarter of enterprises has developed mobile apps beyond emails, calendars, and contacts. 43% of employee end users abandon their own company’s mobile app due to poor usability. Over 40% of mobile application users are not happy with their own company’s mobile apps, and 21% of employees claim that their company’s mobile app is reducing their productivity compared to desktop!


This is an opportunity for any company to take advantage of. This is something the competition isn’t doing.


But how can you ensure your employees have a flawless and smooth experience in providing the customer with all the information they need right on the spot?


The Solution is Mobile Application Testing

Optimizing B2E Mobile Applications, Productivity, and Customer Service

Mobile application testing is how you help your employees help your customers help your business!


Mobile application testing is how you make sure that every function and feature of your app is working so your employees can utilize them to serve the customers. It makes sure that your sales rep in Alaska will have the same efficient performance on his 3G network as the VP will on a 4G hookup in Asia.


Experitest’s SeeTest suite enables all of it. Our test automation, network virtualization, and mobile cloud testing tools let you test anywhere, and anytime in a market that demands your mobile applications work anywhere, and anytime.



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